Common Good

Dave Johnson, writing on the Commonweal Institute Blog,

…has a pretty good thought. You might want to check it out.

How many Americans have ever even heard the positive case made for the underpinnings of our government — democracy and community? When was the last time you heard that one-person-one-vote is better for people than one-dollar-one-vote, or that sticking together and standing up for each other is better for people than the conservative vision of everyone being on their own and in it only for themselves? And what do you think the country could be like if more Americans were exposed to those ideas?

He suggests that conservative claims over recent decades – the “Market” is all-knowing and beneficent, government is inefficient, regulation is bad, etc., etc. – have gone so completely unanswered that we’ve been brainwashed by never hearing a differing point of view. Thus the results of this CNN poll.

I’m personally kind of sick of the greed-is-good gang, and ready to see if we can make a better world.

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