13 Replies to “Don’t Judge Me”

  1. Have you played Smoke on the Water on it yet? How ’bout Stairway to Heaven?


    Glad you got the guitar of your dreams, Larry. The look on your face in that picture is priceless!

  2. Thank you, everyone. I’m deliriously pleased with my new Telecaster! Over the past few weeks I’ve played at least a dozen of them, and this is the one that made my heart flutter, as soon as I touched it. It’s really quite beautiful in person — I’ll bring it over and show you. (PS: Ignore that round splotch on the pickguard — it’s just a sticker, which I will remove.)

    Wren – No more dreamin’. It’s reality now, baby.

    kStyle – I try to spend quality time with all the guitars, kind of like a Mormon husband, so no one gets jealous.

    Bill – It won’t wash my socks, but it rocks my living room!

    Gnightgirl – Pithy.

    Kathleen – You really must see it up close.

    Adorable G’friend – You are incorrigible, and we thank you.

    Glue Birl – Only blues and rockabilly so far. Thanks for asking.

  3. Ignore that round splotch on the pickguard — it’s just a sticker, which I will remove.

    Oh, thank God! I was really worried about that round splotch. I thought, Larry gave up a washer and dryer for a guitar with a splotch??!!

  4. I’d never judge, Larry! Whatever floats your boat–I hope you love the music you can make with it, and I hope you love making music with it.

  5. Ron – Swapped my soul? I thought the contract was for a gig at a hot spot . . .

    Glue Birl – Don’t worry, babe. I’m working on my unsightly splotch.

    Narya – Thanks for understanding. I know you were pulling for the appliances.

    Vikkitikitavi – Laundry, schmaundry, eh?

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