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I’m all puffed up and pleased with myself because finally,

…after about a year of thinking about it, I have made the revision99 Archives list into a dropdown menu. You can see it in the sidebar, under the heading “Archives.”

I’ve been thinking “Jeez, that list is so long, no one will ever see what’s at the bottom of the sidebar. I have to think of a way to shorten it.” In the end, which was just two days ago, I didn’t excatly “think of a way.” Instead, I looked at the page source of someone else’s WordPress blog (someone who was using just such a dropdown menu) and found the code that makes this happen. Then I copied it and stuck it in my own sidebar template.

Cool, huh? Forgive me. I am easily excited. Go ahead. Click on it. Read something from my past. All my best writing is there. All my commenters are there, too.

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4 Replies to “Dropdown Menu”

  1. Congrats, Larry! Proud of you! That’s just great.

    Me? I’ve been thinking a lot about going back into my archives and creating new categories for them.

    Why? You ask?

    Because I am an unorganized mess and my categories make no sense. For awhile, I didn’t even file posts under *anything!* I left them *uncategorized!*

    Then I got *clever* and started to file things under “Just a thought.” Well, it was true! They were “just a thought!”

    But, that’s become boring.

    And I need to jazz up that category section.

    And you’ve inspired me.


  2. BlueGirl – This blog originated on Blogger, and Blogger doesn’t have categories. When I migrated to my own domain and WordPress software, I saw that I could categorize everything, which to me meant I was required to categorize everything. So I did,

    I see that you have many, many categories on your excellent and popular blog. Highly granular, as the network administrators might say. Not as many as some, but still, a lot. The rules I made for myself in assigning categories were:

    1. Nothing gets to be “uncategorized.”

    2. Each post goes into one and only one category.

    3. I have to limit the number of categories to a few broad ones, that someone like Thoreau would understand (not my neighbor Bill Thoreau, but Henry David Thoreau, the 19th century writer).

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