Torture, and Not “the Good Kind”

Here’s a landmark event in the history of the world.

Tomorrow morning, October 17, 2006, President Bush will sign his Torture Bill, known officially as “S-3930,” the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Under this law,

  • it will be legal for the U.S. government to use “alternative interrogation methods” to extract information from prisoners.
  • This information will then be considered legal evidence for use in a trial.
  • The President will have unrestricted discretion to label anyone an “enemy combatant.”
  • Once you are labeled an enemy combatant, you will not have recourse to any court should you wish to challenge the reason for your arrest and detention, which…
  • …could go on forever, and you might never be told why, or…
  • …be allowed to see the evidence against you (unless it’s your own confession, given as a result of being forced to stand in a “stress position” for forty hours with no sleep, or perhaps being waterboarded).

So that’s bound to make us safer, eh?

I was going to link to some pages describing and depicting the alternative interrogation techniques permitted by this law, but it was just too fucking sick and disgusting. Look it up yourself if you want to. I am ashamed that this gang of brutal assholes in our government is pretending to represent me to the world.


In other news, Trader Joe’s has had to pull all bags of their delicious Banana Crisps because of some mislabeling snafu. So, while airplanes are still allowed to fly right into New York City and crash into skyscrapers, we are protected from mislabeled snack foods.

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2 Replies to “Torture, and Not “the Good Kind””

  1. Between Bush and Kim Jong Il, the quotient of and potential for evil grows astronomically by the day.

    I’ve been turning off the news and chanting in Sanskrit on my commute.

  2. I’m going to hide under my bed a while. If I don’t come out by lunchtime, will you bring me a snack? Maybe some nice Banana Crisps? … oops, forgot. Oh darn! eh, just roll one of those $2 bottles of wine under there for me.

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