Get Thee Below Me

Well, OK. It’s never too late to learn.

Boy, that last post sank like a stone, didn’t it? Let’s bury it a little further right now. It was just stream of consciousness, in a way. I bit my tongue, I wrote about biting my tongue, I bit my tongue because I was eating too fast, food was in my mouth because of the eating, and yeah, it made kind of a nasty picture, but believe me, the reality was much worse for me than the description was for you.

Somehow it just turned into that kinky kissing thing which, coming right after the ghastly image of half-masticated food – and come on, some of you were also thinking about blood, too, weren’t you? – well, I can see now that it was just too much. Since I am a sophisticated man of the world, you’re probably thinking “How could he have committed such a faux pas?” I could say that I love you all, and I was overwhelmed by the desire to plant a smooch on you. In fact, that’s really my only defense, weak as it is. So that’s what I’ll say.

Sue me.

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13 Replies to “Get Thee Below Me”

  1. I’m usually a lurker here…

    …but both you & I used the word “ghastly” in a post today…I took it as a sign to leave an inane comment…

  2. Kristi – Thank you, darlin’. Once a week, say something about me being hot, if you expect those checks to keep coming.

    Kris – My weekend is getting underway. I can’t get involved in your Play-Doh issues today.

    G.D. – There will be teeth. No food, though. (What’s up with the leading hyphen? Is that some kind of marketing trick, to make sure your name is at the top of computer-sorted lists?)

    Chev – Fuckin’ right on. I’m a fuckin’ genius. It’s your problem if you don’t “get it.”

    Chick – revision99 welcomes your coming out with loving, open arms. No food, though.

  3. Bloody Hell! Don’t be so hard on yourself. There are worse posts on worse blogs. I’ve got a link to a knitting blog with a project for a 3-dimensional version of the entire female reproductive system. There are even photos of the damn thing playing the piano.

  4. Patience…..The idea is for you to have a virtual tacit1 puzzle by the time I finish posting parts. Then you can attampt to put it all together & see what you can make of it……(-;

  5. Theresa – Yikes! My “friend” might end up with a little yarn baby.

    T1 – You’re already a puzzle to me.

    L – Only certain foods, though: Whipped cream, Wesson oil, that kind of thing. Not salad.

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