Just Gimme A Kiss… Like This.

I bit my tongue at lunch today.

And I mean I got the back part of it caught between the molars, back there where the jaw has the most possible leverage, in the area I usually use for crushing diamonds, and chomped down on it good and hard. I was eating at my desk, like a pig. Worse than a pig, actually. I was eating fast, stuffing food in faster than I could swallow, getting it on my face, on my desk, on the floor, everywhere. Luckily I was alone in my office. I was doing something on the computer and answering the phone, and I just got that big ol’ piece of tongue-meat caught in my teeth and before I could stop pigging I had bitten it so hard that I almost cried. I had to stop all activity for about a minute. This is not a pretty picture, folks, me sitting there trying not to weep or drool, my mouth filled with half-masticated salad, unable to close it.

I was able to finish my lunch, because I am a pig, but much more slowly, and within the hour the pain started to spread downward so it felt like a sore throat (it still does, eight hours later). For several hours the pain radiated as far south as my sternum. Just a moment earlier I had been pain-free and lovin’ life. Now I was crippled in the mouthal area. Like a toothache, it was all I could think of, and I know it will be with me at least all through tomorrow, when I have meetings.

I didn’t want to bite my tongue.

I wanted to bite your tongue.

I wanted to put my hand on your shoulder and begin slowly to draw you toward me. Trying in vain to look you in the eyes, I’d be seeing only your mouth. When your face came close to mine, I’d brush my lips on yours, just a whisper of a brush, then I’d use my lips – only my lips – to gently push yours apart. I’d slip my hand around to the back of your neck, the better to hold you still, and I’d use my tongue to tickle just the very corner of your kissy mouth, that edge where the top and bottom lips dissolve into one another, first the left side, then the right, then back, two times, maybe three, my tongue starting to stroke your luscious lips with each pass across them.

I wanted to make love to your wanton mouth with mine, softly bite and tug that pouty smile right off your face, taste that space just behind those lips, run my eager tongue along your teeth, meet your own soft and sexual tongue in the wet darkness there. I wanted to devour you, be inside you and all around you, starting with your beautiful, hungry, lascivious mouth, the only part of all your gorgeous parts I can think of tonight.

And all I want from you, all I will need tonight, all I ask, is your hot breath, your pliant lips, your open mouth, your searching tongue and your dirty desire.

Can you give me that?

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9 Replies to “Just Gimme A Kiss… Like This.”

  1. -g.d. and Kristi – I woke up today (the next morning) thinking much the same thoughts as you express here. Let me assure you that the food was all gone before the reverie began: brushed, flossed and rinsed away, OK?
    It could have been disgusting fun, though…

  2. You better shut up. It’s bad enough when I bite my tongue without hearing about yours. Gonna tell us about eating El Producto cigars next? Or tell us about a naked woman you know eating one! Pe-yuke!

  3. I just checked. If I concentrate, I believe my mouth has the ability to look smiley and pouty at the same time … so YES, I’d like to know what it’s like to be kissed like that.

    I don’t get it. Why all the comments about your injured tongue? By the end, I forgot all about it. Perhaps I’m too easily distracted, or worse, too self-involved.

  4. T1 – Still with the hair tease. You know what I want.

    Ron – A naked woman eating a cigar? Isn’t that a Bill Clinton story?

    Jack – Thank you!

    L – Pithy.

    Theresa – Thanks for bailing me out. Obviously I stepped over some line of propriety with this post. See, I bit my tongue, and it really hurt, and I was writing about it, which made me think about it, of course. Then I started thinking about tongues in general, which led to me to think about your tongue, and there we were, masticated food and erotic fantasy all in the same post.
    I’ll separate them in the future, if you’ll all keep reading and commenting, OK?

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