I’m Back

Yesterday this blog disappeared for a while.

Unbeknownst to me, my web host had locked my account. I didn’t try to look at the blog or post anything on it for most of the day, and by the time I realized something was wrong, the billing department was closed for the day. It did seem a little odd that I wasn’t getting any email, since I was expecting something important, but with working at my crummy job and the excitement over seeing Sarah Palin on the teevee, I failed to make the connection.

Apparently what happened is that my bank was swallowed by some other bank, and they canceled all the old credit cards (incliding mine) and issued new ones, and since my payment to my web host is a quarterly automatic hit on the old card, I didn’t know I was in arrears, because, you know, defunct credit card.

So, while it’s safe to say that almost nobody missed me, I apologize to any who did, especially Adorable Girlfriend, with whom I was hoping to watch Biden v. Palin while she was here in LA. She claims she wouldn’t hit on a married man, particularly a goy guy, but I assumed that would change once she met me, so I was prepared to defend my honor.

Why so chaste, Mr. Jones? I get migraines sometimes, and I read this article yesterday, indicating that I might die if I let AG into my pants:

… the strain of juggling married life and a secret lover leads to stress and tension for the cheating partner.
That can lead to migraine headaches which can cause a potentially fatal aneurysm, or ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain.

Of course it’s debatable whether I’d be able to keep our trysts secret, and in any case I may be close enough to heaven without voluntarily putting myself at any greater risk. This is the caution borne of tragic experience, and it may indicate that I am no longer a Fun Guy, but on the other hand I may represent a powerful, stoic challenge to Bad Girls everywhere. Lucky for me my email was down and Adorable Girlfriend and I didn’t connect at all while she was in my town.

AG: I hope we get to meet some day. But no funny business.

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3 Replies to “I’m Back”

  1. Well, I certainly missed you yesterday, Mr. Jones. It was disconcerting to click on your link in my blogroll and get a “Revision 99 cannot be found” message. I wondered if you’d just packed up your fine new (old) guitar and hit the road, or maybe decided blogging was for the birds, after all.

    Anyhoo, not being as adorable or potentially migraine-inducing as AG, I’m just glad you’re back and still writing. Tally-ho!

  2. Well, looks as if one of my primary neuroses came in handy, yesterday. I intended to stop by these parts, then didn’t because… well, hmmm…

    When I get that one figured out, things’ll be more than wee bit better for me all around.

    AG Rocks!

    That is all.

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