Jackson 5 Sing Along With Me, Say “Doo De Wop”

A quick update, so no one has to worry about me.

So far, no one has noticed my maintenance work in the bathrooms at my office. I thought I was going to be in trouble for fixing the towel and toilet paper dispensers, but my meeting with The Boss turned out to be work-related (who could have guessed?). To wit, I now have approximately twice as much responsibility, spread across two locations, and no more money than ever.

As Emma Goldman has told me, I am exploited. But I’m voting Republican anyway, because I know I’m on my way to the top!

As always, my heart sways in the gentle breeze of your sweet, sweet gaze.

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9 Replies to “Jackson 5 Sing Along With Me, Say “Doo De Wop””

  1. Little do they know how pro-active you are huh? You’ve already taken on more responsibility w/o extra pay! That “voting republican” stuff is not EVEN funny! Don’t even play like that!(-;

  2. I think I’d forgive you for voting republican. I might beat you, but I’d forgive you eventually.

    Emma Goldman blogs? Who knew? I would have thought she’d devote her time to overthrowing Google.

  3. T1 – Good spin, but I didn’t “take it on”: It was dumped on me.

    Ron – You resent me having fun? I’m keeping that picture forever.

    Theresa – Drano, baby. The champagne of toxic inhalants.

    D’Cat – Emma Goldman: Not just an anarchist anymore. Now she makes puff pastry, too. A good read, but better if you argue with her.

  4. So when are you going to post a story about going totally postal and subsequently beating your boss about the head,face,and neck with a tire iron?

    If you are considering going Repub, it can’t be too far off.

  5. Brent – Tire irons? That’s dangerous, man. The local police here use telephone books. You can knock someone’s brain loose without leaving those nasty marks.

    Steph – When I am a rich Republican living in Orange County, we’ll see who’s laughing then.

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