The Ultimate Failure

August 6, 1945.

That was the first time an atomic bomb was actually used on real people. One of those people is pictured above. Incredibly, it was not the last time.

Now, three generations later, the United States and other countries are looking into new technologies to make nuclear weapons more usable on the field of battle.

To my knowledge, no one is looking into ways to make the term “field of battle” obsolete.

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10 Replies to “The Ultimate Failure”

  1. What happened to the idea of the U.S. being “Peace-Makers”? Do you think some of our government officials are blowing smoke up our arses?

    Destroying one another is the easy way out. We’re good at it because we’re frightened lazy people. It would take a lot more courage to invent a “Love Bomb”.

  2. “To my knowledge, no one is looking into ways to make the term “field of battle” obsolete.”

    How do we do this? Is protesting the answer? It may make some of us heard, but do we really think that the govt. doesn’t already know that some of us desire to make the term “field of battle” obsolete? There’s gotta be a better way. Larry, the floor is open for suggestions…I am at a frustrated loss….

  3. Face it, we all hate to love and love to kill. We like life simple and it doesn’t matter how many of us gibbering fools like our own children, people kill. George Bush is the will of the people or we’d stop him. He hides behind the camouflage of patriotism and we let him do it because we also are kneejerk patriot puppets. It ain’t complicated, it’s just bloody fucking cold.

  4. Pretty depressing. So they wanna put little portable nuke bomblets in every soldier’s arsenal, eh? That’s just fucking great. Well, at least this might speed our demise, and the planet would be better off for it.

  5. kStyle – I’m with you, babe.

    Theresa – Blowing smoke? I am shocked. Shocked.

    T1 – Protesting can’t hurt. You have to keep trying. More will join you when they see your cause is just. Speak Truth to Power. Never relent. Teach your son never to enlist in some bullshit corporate war. Get out in the primaries and nominate anti-war candidates. Refuse to accept that war is inevitable. Refuse to accept it.

    Ron – A dark view, and you may be right, but it is time for the human race to grow up.

    Steph – What you describe is a version of what is being contemplated. But I don’t want to end it all until after Gwyneth calls me. Even then, maybe not, depending on what she says…

  6. On a hopeful note, I once met a fellow who was working with Catholic Charities USA to eliminate nuclear weapons. (Catholic Charities is an incredibly liberal organization.) And there’s Amnesty International…

  7. Thanx Lar- I needed that. You are like my Colin Powell! I keep wanting you to run for president, but you just keep shootin’ me down!
    BTW, is that an old pic of you in your previous post? (also, I love the humor of you being “railroaded” on the traintrack profile pic).

  8. You’re welcome. I am not at this time considering a run for the presidency.

    Yes, that’s me and my troublemaking friends hassling some girls in a Spyder in a North Hollywood parking lot. That scene took place in the eighties but I would do it again today, even if I got railroaded for it.

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