Missing Bill

I’m not sure where the press has been on this,

Bill Clinton

…but somehow the humongous 23-page Bill Clinton story in The New Yorker seems to have eluded them. Usually this kind of coverage of an ex-prez gets picked up and quoted everywhere for about a week, but strange silence surrounds this article. I’m not a subscriber, so I haven’t read it yet – hey, I live in LA, what do I want with The New Yorker? Heck, I don’t even know where I can buy a copy. I doubt if they have it at 7-11, the only store I pass on my daily commute. But I’ll find it somewhere, even if I have to go to the public library (I think they’re still open, like, one afternoon a week).

If you follow the above link, you’ll find just about the only mention of the article online, including what will probably turn out to be my favorite quote: “I am sick of Karl Rove’s bullshit.”

So am I, Big Dog.

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5 Replies to “Missing Bill”

  1. Unfortunately, the Liberal Blogosphere has been too concerned with BreastFest ’06 to focus on this article. That’s what I’m assuming anyway.

    Larry, is LA too cool to have bookstores? Cuz why buy the books when you can just see the movie?

    If you do have bookstores out in La-La-Land, go to one! I bet they’ll have a New Yorker there!

    ….and know that I say La-La-Land with only the most heartfelt affection. I’ve only been to LA once, and loved it.

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