Thanks For The Add

Some of my old bloggin’ buddies have gone over to,

Computer Love

which I kind of think of as The Dark Side. You know who you are, and I just want to extend a friendly caution to you about your new home on the web:

You may think you’re just fooling around, making “friends,” but some people take things a lot more seriously. If the wrong people see your site you might find yourself on the totally wrong kind of hitlist.

Just sayin’.

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5 Replies to “Thanks For The Add”

  1. Larry, Are you friends with Brent? He’s pretty dang funny.

    I loved how his cat’s name: Tom Kitty — reeked of lame!

    I’ve got him bookmarked! Thanks for the link…

    …I’m just hoping, because it wasn’t that clear that he doesn’t have homicidal tendencies — read my comment here and try to put a hit on blue girl.

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