Slippin’ and Slidin’

Here’s a picture of my commute this morning.

Raining in L.A. Who knew? You are looking at the 405, known in some quarters as The San Diego Freeway, although this picture was taken more than a hundred miles from San Diego, and going away.

Brake lights. Tailgaters. Lane-changers. People in big fucking hurries. Every couple of minutes a full-on, gut-wrenching, heart-in-the-throat near-disaster. Some asshole steering with his knees, shooting pictures with a digital camera while trying to drive.

I got the camera out too late to shoot the cause of the big traffic jam I ran into: One or more bozos driving as if it weren’t raining, spinning out, blocking lanes for a half-hour while the rest of us fumed and crept along. Of course, given a chance, the rest of us would have screwed it up ourselves, because it never rains in Los Angeles, so we don’t know how to drive in the rain. Top that off with an oil slick that has been forming on the roads for five years (since the last wet winter) and you’ve got a recipe for Happy Fun on the 405.

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6 Replies to “Slippin’ and Slidin’”

  1. there’s nothing like being in a serious driving city that is not used to weather when the weather comes…
    try Seattle when it snows…
    good time to buckle up…
    sharp photo, by the way…

  2. Hey Hey! i ran into weather like this in santa barbara 2 weeks ago. i’m from the east coast and am used to bad driving conditions, but let me tell you – with all those mountains that you guys have…much more challenging. be careful & good luck!

  3. I think that your real name IS Larry Jones and it’s just that you’re from nowhere NEAR L.A. Yeah, that’ll confuse ’em. You’re not that guy from Surprise, Arizona, are you?

    You know, I once tracked down a German exchange student that I’d known 30 years before in high school, using only the Internet. All I had to start with was his name and a thin belief that he would still be in Germany.

  4. So are you saying you are trying to track me down? As explained here, I am not hiding from you, but rather from those who actually know me IRL (in real life). I promise Larry Jones is a made-up name. I should have known it would be taken. Even my real name, which is quite unusual, was taken.

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