“The Nobel Committe Is A Joke”

I was late for work today, so I had a chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh in the car.

Rush Limbaugh

Since Al Gore was given the Nobel Peace Prize this morning, I figured Rush would be particularly entertaining today. In the few minutes I listened, he said:

  • The Nobel Prize committee is a joke
  • The Nobel Prize committee is a bunch of socialist Swedes
  • “the Clintons” hate Gore because he’s rich
  • Gore hates “the Clintons” because after 2000 they stole the Democratic Party leadership from him
  • The Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless because of the inadequacy of past recipients, namely Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter
  • “the Clintons” are “hell-bent” on getting rich, and might be getting money from Norman Hsu

These are just the things I can remember that he said in a three-minute period. I don’t know how Bill and Hillary Clinton became part of the story, but I’m sure the ditto-heads were delighted to hear their names again. There were, of course, a few more remarks that I can’t remember, but there was also his tone of voice, which was dripping with sarcasm and a kind of giddy, manic, pseudo-gotcha glee. Pseudo because he ain’t got shit.

The Nobel Peace Prize is prestigious. The right wingnuts know this, even as they try to deny it. It’s often controversial, but if it’s such a joke, why spend any time making fun of it? Rush ain’t got shit, and the Republicans ain’t got shit. Limbaugh is a clown, an entertainer who has figured out where the money is and who will say whatever it takes to keep it flowing. He’s good at his job, unfortunately, but he seems to be talking crazier and crazier shit as the fortunes of the Right decline.

Note to the righ wing slime and disinformation machine. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, and you didn’t. Get over it.


BONUS NOTE: If you are stuck in traffic during The Rush Limbaugh Show, or are in some other way forced to listen to AM radio, and you just can’t take any more Excellence In Broadcasting, may I suggest that you tune in to Thom Hartmann on Air America? In my town (Los Angeles) the affiliate is KTLK-1150 AM, way up on the right side of the dial. Thom is a smart, well-read and oft-published lefty, with intersting ideas and respect for all his listeners. How he gets conservatives to call in and debate him on the air, I don’t know, as he usually embarrasses them, and by now they must know about him. You should too.
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17 Replies to ““The Nobel Committe Is A Joke””

  1. My dad told me a couple of years ago that he does a daily experiment. He turns on Rush Limbaugh at random times throughout his show to see how long it takes him to hear Limbaugh say Bill Clinton’s name. My dad says it usually happens with 2 minutes.

    So, I do it now too when I’m driving. Lo and behold! It’s true. Doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, Clinton’s name is always weaved in somehow.

    Isn’t it something people choose to listen to that guy for an *entire* show? I can’t get over it.

    I’m surprised the Right hasn’t started their own Nobel Peace Prize thingy yet. The Noble War Prize or something.

  2. A number of lefty blogs dubbed the subject “the Clenis,” which is shorthand for “Clinton’s Penis,” with which the Rushes of the world seemed to be mightily preoccupied. The argument is/was that EVERY subject gets turned into something about the Clenis.

  3. Limbaugh’s an asshole. Not only is this an honor for Al Gore, it is an honor for the entire country. Our former VP has won the Nobel Peace Prize. This is just more proof that some people on the right, in fact, a great deal of them, care more about the Republican Party and its corporate-religio-militarism than they do the country.

  4. Thanks, Narya! For others of The Precious Few, click here to read the NYT article.

    Blue Girl – I can’t listen for three hours. Three minutes is about my limit. He seems to have taken his 1st Amendment right and gone over the top with it.

    Ron – I do believe it’s mostly a show. I don’t think he’s a man of strong conviction. Except for that drug bust, heh, heh.

    Steve – Long time! Taking a break between NFL games? But right you are, and Party loyalty above all else is a scary thought.

  5. 3 minutes of Rush? I can’t take 3 seconds of that turd-spitter. Then again, I can barely handle 3 minutes of Hillary either, and I’m really very, very bummed ’bout that.


    Slick Willie or the Gorester, OTH, I can handle for as long as they’ll go on, most occasions.

    Gore ’08!

  6. I first “met” Rush in high school, when, over dinner at a friend’s house, I learned in swift succession 1. that there existed a scary man named Rush Limbaugh, and 2. what evangelical Christianity is.

    At first I thought this Rush fellow was a mighty funny satirist of the Right. Then I realized–THUD–that he was kinda serious.

  7. PS And that my friend’s parents really didn’t believe in evolution. Oh, and that meditation is dangerous because, in opening up the mind, it permits demons to enter it. Really!

  8. Bains – I admit I’m more comfortable listening to a guy like Bill Clinton, but we must never forget that during his speech at the ’88 convention, he got a standing ovation for the phrase “…and in conclusion…”

    kStyle – I remember Limbaugh when he first started being on the radio in Los Angeles (seems like another lifetime). He has tightened up his act a lot since those days, but it still feels like an act to me.

    As for fear of demons getting in the mind, this is a classic superstition going back centuries. Keeping minds closed against “new” ideas served the purposes of the early Church well, and still does, I guess. But it’s the philosophical equivalent of covering your ears and yelling “Lalalalalalalalala.”

    Blue Girl – One word: Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

  9. Bains – If you say the demons aren’t in there, that means they’re in there, and fooling you into thinking they’re not in there…

    kStyle – I used to believe that, but recently he has been sighted in person, outside the Miami Probation Department.

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