Your Homework

Your assignment, should you choose to accept:

Reconcile the following two oft-heard statements.

Jones' Knee

A. “Lift only with your knees.”

B. “The knees are the first to go.”

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12 Replies to “Your Homework”

  1. Ooooh; nice legs!

    As for the assignment, they’re said by different people, so you can reconcile it only by ignoring one of them. Which leaves you open to an “I told you so” from the other, but I can’t fix that.

  2. Is simple, bro. The first leaves out (implies?) the importance of maintaining your knees so they’re up to the task.

    Though, let’s face it, when you reach ’bout our ages, it takes ever more subtle and dedicated maintenance methods to keep both parts in good health.

    A speedy recovery to you, Larry!

  3. Nice underwear blogging. Maybe I’ll try that…


    Guess it’s better that your knees wear out when you’re pushing 50 than your back being thrown out in your early 30s.

    How ’bout that?

  4. Narya – If you could fix my knee, that would be enough.

    Bains – My subtle and dedicated maintenance method is to take off the knee brace and leave it at home. I limp a little, but that thing itches.

    Blue Girl – I encourage you to go ahead. I suspect your underwear blogging will be more interesting than mine. How ’bout that?

  5. I’ve got it. The first is annulled clearly because it says lift *only* with your knees. Clearly this is impossible. Then you just need to watch our for the second one.

  6. Theresa – That’s exactly what I need to hear! Will you kiss it and make it better?

    David – Welcome! You’re right – I’ve never been able to pick up anything with my knees, try as I might.

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