THE SHINY NEW revision99

This is the new home of revision99, and thank you for coming to look.


It’s my own domain (revision99) and it lives on my own web host (1&1 Internet – see the sidebar). The software that powers it is WordPress (a very cool open-source program) and this theme, or template, is called Letterhead and was designed by Robin Hastings.

I’ve brought most of the stuff over from the old blog – all the posts and all your comments, as well as my blogroll. Not everything is ready for prime time yet, but the whole thing should be usable right now.

I hate to give up the community of Blogger – there was always a chance I’d make a new friend by way of the “Next Blog” button – but in fact I was losing readers and getting more isolated as the months went by, so maybe it’s for the better that I hide out here. Now my blog can go back to being what it was when I first started it: a journal of my thoughts, written by me for me. (Realistically, let’s face it: This blog probably won’t change very much.) I warn you, though: I intend to keep in touch with those blogs I’ve been reading on Blogger and elsewhere, and I hope you will stay in touch with me here.

I’m still learning the ropes, and I’d appreciate a heads up from any of you who find technical difficulties. I have a lot more control here over the way things work, but I don’t know for sure if I’ve set it up as trouble-free as the old Blogger site, so please let me know in a comment or email if you discover any problems.

I won’t get into the geektalk right now. There wil be plenty of that in the future (sorry, I can’t help myself). As always, my wistful heart sees you in its dreams.

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19 Replies to “THE SHINY NEW revision99”

  1. Steph – I can’t stop blogging. I used to have a life. Now I have a blog.

    Jayne – This changeover has turned out to be more time-consuming than expected. I’ll be visiting your blog again real soon.

  2. Thanks for letting me know your address change. While I may not come here often, just know I still read your blog when I can. You’re old school, you know. (I mean that in the hippest way.)

  3. kStyle – I didn’t know you could have blog feng shui, but thanks!

    SJ – I was old school before there was Old School, so I’m comfortable. Glad you still visit sometimes. (I mean that in the sincerest way.)

  4. Geeks unite in the ultimate time consuming sport of blogging. The place looks great. My suggestion, figure out how backups work. Then take them before you make any sudden jumps in editing your domain. Also, I would throw the ISP’s Tech Support a question or two just to get the hang of the quality of service. I use LivingDot and they have been great. But then again, they set up everything for me, so I did not get the true pleasure of starting from scratch (don’t hate me).

    Anyways, sorry that I don’t stop by more often. Life has been busy. You are getting bumped back onto a more timely schedule 🙂

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