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  1. I clicked over to that at just the point that Timberlake was being interviewed and went right on past it. That’s what I was thinking: ?

    Jeez. But I guess every generation thinks that the one that’s HOT is in fact Monkey-fuck. (Actually, monkeys would be cooler!)

  2. I swear to God, I’ve talked to every woman I know in the last few days asking them their opinion on Justin Timberlake. Not one…not one! Thinks he’s anything! What the heck is he all about? I don’t mean to be mean, but you’re message above says it all.

    I don’t get it.

    Donny Osmond and David Cassidy were at least cute for crying out loud!

  3. I’m a fan, so what’s up with all this? I mean, I could go on, enlightening people on why I personally think JT’s the shit, but I suspect no one’s interested. I didn’t like him when he was a boy-bander, but when he went solo, I started to notice that the guy had grown up! So when you say, WTF, what do you mean exactly? You just think he’s a schmuck in general, or did he do something specific during the Grammys that has everyone all freaked out about him? Just curious.

  4. Special to Ain’t Never Scared: I sense an age difference between us, with me being on the old side. Thus I must thank you for reaching out across the years. I do appreciate it.

    Now here’s what I think about Justin Timberlake: He’s a well-trained and rehearsed young mouseketeer, of modest talent. All of his performing abilities are adequate, but he does nothing that looks or sounds like best-in-class. His singing, his dancing, his piano-playing, and now his songwriting — they are all sort of competent. He proves my theory that for every super-rich megastar, there are at least a million people, right here in the U.S., who could have done it as well, or better, given the ambition or the opportunity. Justin does not look to me like an artist, but rather like a production, maybe the Wayne Newton of his generation, all glossy veneer over styrofoam. His persona thus far looks like a joint effort by a committee, following a stack of focus group reports about what is trendy and what will seem “edgy” without being offensive. Maybe there’s something about his looks that stirs your loins, and I respect that, but I don’t see it.

    Also, the hat: WTF?

  5. I missed the Grammys (Grammies? does the rule apply here?). And then I saw all these photos of a female trio hoisting statuettes overhead, and I was like, who are they? And it turned out they were the Dixie Chicks, and they’d won every conceivable Grammy, and I was like, “They had a new album this year?”

    I’m neutral on the JT issue.

    But can we all get behind Prince’s comeback? Prince, anyone? Prince!

  6. Pop is just going to be tedious by nature to us over 35-s because, man, we’ve seen it all before. It’s not even a value judgement. We’ve done all the positions, man. And because pop is just massive business now it just doesn’t _change_ anymore. I can have conversations about what’s on the radio with a 15-year-old that I never, ever could have had with my father. The shit has just all been done, man. I was bored of rap in 1982, man.

    And when th’ latest guitar sensation comes out it just bores me to tears because it’s either The Stones or The Beatles or Aerosmith with zits, thinking they’re blazing new ground. I’m just as guilty as anyone else, man. I love instruments instead of computers so it’s not like _I’m_ going to rewrite rock and roll.

    Now, the thing with Timberlake is that he looks like a 15-year old. That’s it, man. And it creeps me out when he’s feted as a sex symbol. He looks like a kid and when women swoon over him I find it profoundly, profoundly creepy and ergo I wish he’d go away and stop, stop, stop. He looks like he should be wearing a Dashboard Concession Stand T-shirt and selling loose joints outside th’ Whatevermart.

    A male sex symbol is supposed to have a mystique, you know? A manly thing going on like Marvin Gaye or Al Green.

    I don’t begrudge the kid his success. He’s welcome to all that. He’s probably a cool kid. I just sort of think he is to pop what George Bush is to the presidency: a bald, embarrassing indicator of our collective mediocrity. Blah.

  7. As always, I’m late to the prom but — yeah, really! WTF is JT’s appeal to anyone? I don’t get it myself.

    As soon as I get some time, I want to read much more of this blog. I just saw the words “played Rockabilly” and just about swooned.:)

  8. Blue Girl – You’re right: Donny is hott!

    kStyle – Obviously being dissed by mouth-breathing pseudo-cowboys works for one’s career.

    L – I can be your Valentine, but I’m not available to be your boyfriend. Still, we can flirt.

    Steve – Funny, I don’t remember who it was, either. But there was Tivo where I was watching the game, so we were able to view it again and again, freeze it, zoom in on it, etc. Good times.

    Bobby LightfootSo glad you stopped by. I hadn’t thought about Justin being too young. Obviously he’s not, as he seems to have the attention of quite a few women. They may be young themselves, but there seems to be something adult going on. It is to my profound disappointment that none of them have stepped up here and explained the attraction. Although that might be an exercise in vagueness anyway.

    Serena Joy – Welcome! Don’t get too excited – I’m not a full time rockabilly guy. But, you know, if you put a few guitars and some drums in a room with sideburns and tight jeans, well, sometimes rockabilly just happens, and it can’t be helped.

  9. I think that when it “just happens,” that’s when it’s the best. I agree — put the guitars, the drums, and the sideburns and tight jeans in a room and music is going to happen. It usually turns out pretty darn good.

    Further down, I read that you were thinking about cranking out some old Leonard Cohen tunes. Did you do it? If you can sing “Hallelujah,” I’m in total awe.:)

  10. Bobbie said it best, though someone else said it even better: It’s all been done before.

    JT is is innocuous and “cute”. He may be a heart-breaker or he may be a total dud. Personally, my money’s on the latter, but he still seems a decent bit o’ fluff as far as such thing (Paris, Britney, River, etc) go.

    BTW, what are these “Grammys” of which you speak? Industry awards? For an inhumane industry???



  11. Ah, yes, the grammys….I only care about them when something important happens. I thought it was important when Tim O’Brien finally got his. Which ever Dixie Chick once played the mando (these women were, in fact, at one point, serious bluegrass musicians with real chops) played well because of TimO, and he wrote a couple of the songs the Chicks have made (in)famous. It might even have bought him a new fridge, come to think of it.

    Nice blog, nice groove to your writing. I take it you are a John Hiatt, Buddy and Julie Miller fan, mebbe? Why LA? Doesn’t that brown stuff overhead make you nervous?


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