Update: Walk of Love

I’ve been walking with a swagger for several days now…

…because of a pre-Valentine’s Day Love Segment I saw on the Today Show recently: Talk Show Science tells us that women are attracted to men who move a certain way when they walk. Really, the only way to describe this motion is swagger. You exaggerate the swing of your shoulders as you walk — not so much that you look like Mussolini, but just a little bit. You can read about it in the previous post — there’s a video link there, too, if NBC hasn’t taken it down yet.

I was doing the swagger initially to impress the babes, and guys, I have to tell you I think it works (previous post explains why I think this). But it turns out there’s more to the swagger, a side effect so beneficial it will probably be included in The Secret. I am not a natural swaggerer, so I have to think about it when I walk. I have to remember to move my shoulders, right should forward with my right leg, left shoulder forward with the left leg. The shoulder movement makes me hold my head up, causes my arms to swing more than usual and puts a little extra spring in my step, and the result is, I feel happy when I walk!

I like to feel happy, so that makes me want to walk more, which means more swaggering, which makes me happy again, and so on. So I’m walking and swaggering and grinning, and being positive (because I’m happy) and I’m thinking things are starting to go my way, and why shouldn’t they? I’m smart, I have medium-sized feet (again, see previous post), women are checking out my walk, I’m looking and feeling great.

But before I got too high on life, Saturday morning my computer crashed. Just inexplicably wouldn’t boot. I don’t think it’s a hardware issue, but some file in the operating system that got corrupted. The technical term is farkled, I think, as in “My computer is farkled.” I won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

In the mean time I am using another computer on the home network, because, yes, I am that geek who has a home network. But I am not comfortable on this computer, and I don’t have all my addresses and bookmarks and saved passwords and applications, so I will be spending the next few days, not swaggering, but trying to get the main machine up and running again.

I’ll be reading all of you from work during this time, so please feel free to be witty, thought-provoking, swaggering and entertaining in your blogs.

As always, I walk only for you.

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4 Replies to “Update: Walk of Love”

  1. There are few things as swagger-killing as a computer which will not boot. I wish you the best of luck bringing it back to life so you can swing those shoulders with abandon …

  2. kStyle – Aye, lassie — I’ll be bucklin’ me swash as soon as I get this damnable machine workin’ again!

    Wren – By day I still practice my walk. By night I commune with the zeroes and ones.

    Thank you both for the good wishes.

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