We Shoot to Kill

Because the darts wouldn’t have stopped him.

A 500-pound tiger somehow got loose last week and wandered around in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles, for four or five days. At first there were just mysterious seven-inch wide paw prints, but this morning (Wednesday) there was a sighting. So far nobody knows who lost the tiger. There are no native tigers in Ventura County, so it is assumed this one was being kept by someone.

Anyway, authorities were called. They could have used tranquilizer darts, but said later they were “concerned for the safety of residents and motorists.” So they shot him dead.

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8 Replies to “We Shoot to Kill”

  1. *seething*
    I believe there are people who will come up with truly ridiculous arguments in order to justify their desire to destroy life.

    Here in the Midwest, we have the contraception technology to easily control the deer population without cruelty. This could prevent deer-vehicle accidents, and other problems associated with over-population. Instead, we hire sharp-hooters every year, costing taxpayers many thousands without hope of any long-term solution. I guess it’s more fun to play with guns than birth control pills for deer.

  2. You know, even with all of that, I’ve never seen more dead dear than when I drive along I-35 or I-80 in Iowa…

    and yes, guns are the solution to most problems, didn’t you know that?

  3. This really distresses me. I hate that we seems to think it is OK to kill anything on this planet, including other people. I am sure all this bad karma will come back to bite us in the ass later.

  4. I doubt they really needed to kill the poor guy–it was probably just more expedient for them. I bet that Big Cat Rescue lady’s pretty pissed off. She’s somewhere in the Valley, isn’t she?

  5. Kung Pow Pig: we’re ALWAYS losing things like tigers and pythons and monitor lizards in Florida… we had one big cat on the loose last year, and just yesterday a man pulled a 6 foot python out of his toilet…

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