What Ethical Dilemna?

I seem to write only about my crummy job lately.

Not to belabor such an admittedly unimportant issue, but this happened today at work and I am still scratching my head over it.

I was walking by an office, and a member of our highly paid, friendly and knowledgable sales staff – let’s call him “Albert,” shall we? – was sitting in there and staring at a blank computer Meditationscreen. He wasn’t meditating. He just didn’t know how to log in. I see this as a good thing, because once they get logged in the trouble starts.

Sensing me near his door, he called my name, not taking his eyes off the screen. I thought about acting like I hadn’t heard him and just strolling on past, but it was early in the week and I was still filled with good will from taking Monday off, so I went in.

“What’s up, Albert?”

“Hey Larry. I’m trying to [use the computer to perform a function that is against state and federal law as well as company policy, and which could violate my customer’s privacy and compromise his financial information and leave him open to possible identity theft], but I can’t figure out how to get this computer working. Can you help me?” Those were not his exact words, but that’s what he was trying to do.

“Sure, Albert. I know your manager’s password. Let me just log you in. And… there you go. All set.”

“Thanks, Larry. We’d never get anything done around here without you.”

“No problem, Albert. Have a good time.”

I walked on, musing that Albert will probably remain logged on to that computer until the next power failure.

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4 Replies to “What Ethical Dilemna?”

  1. So if you hadn’t been there – that highly paid, friendly and knowledgable sales guy would still be sitting there in front of a blank computer screen? wow… Well, at least he’s friendly.

  2. I know it’s cruel to require you to be so activist, but maybe you should have just killed him and saved all the future damage he will do? Surely no one would mind?

  3. Dick – No, I think at some point he would have gone to another computer that was already logged on, where he would have conducted his friendly chicanery.

    Ron – Sometimes you do have to be cruel to be kind, but I just didn’t think of your solution at the time…

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