Rockin’ In The Free World

Holy cow, check this out.Microphone

Today on the drive home from my crummy job, I heard a story on NPR about people with home recording studios. I know all about recording studios, home and otherwise, but this story had a twist: You can hire session musicians, even big-name players, and they will play on your tracks long distance! So you (or I) could assemble a band of top-level cats for your next home project, and it wouldn’t just sound professional, it would be professional.

Of course you’d have to spend some dough on it — nobody rides for free — but isn’t modern technology just super-dooper?

Click here for the story. I think there’s a transcript there, but you can also listen to the story, and you should.

As always, my heartbeat’s thumpin’ like a big bass drum.

PS:Â Blue Girl and Neddie Jingo have already done this

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4 Replies to “Rockin’ In The Free World”

  1. That’s cool! $250 – $1000’s not really that bad when you think about it. Even though I wouldn’t be able to throw $1000 at it.

    C’mon Jones! Get on the stick! What you are doing out there, anyway?

    Just kidding. No pressure.

    Thanks for the link above. Takes the sting out of the guy who left a comment at my place last night that basically said if I would only get high, my stories might be more interesting!

    Youch! Eeeck!


  2. That guy was obviously high when he said it, BG. Obviously {-;

    I know a couple o’ guys who’ve been recording w/ ea other long-distance for a while now. I’m still fighting levels (such mundanity) on my sound-card, but hope to add tracks to at least one of their songs pretty soon.

    Gotta Luv Teh Tech!

  3. Hey kids! Let’s start a band! I can play maracas, we can make a bass for Bains out of this washtub, Bobby’s got a piano. Maybe Blue Girl can sing (or at least show a little leg).

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