Where Have I Been?

Lucky for you I couldn’t finish the post I started the other night.


I was trying to say I felt kinda bad about not posting, then I got to explaining why I wasn’t posting, and part of the reason was my crummy job, so I had to go into details there, and that was bringing me down (and it would have brought you down, too), and then I was going to explore just why I should feel bad about any of this, or why I would be explaining it to my imaginary friends, and, well, let’s just say lucky for you I got too sick and tired of myself to finish, and I went to bed and now I don’t feel like any of it needs to be said.

The short version is, I’m not cut out for any kind of real job. I have one, and I do it well, but I don’t care about it and it’s taking up too goddamned much of my life.

As if the crummy job isn’t enough of a time sink I’m organizing a band in my spare time, which means I don’t have any spare time. I’m picking songs, learning them, making charts, booking rehearsal time, geeking with the electronics — it’s like a second job that I do for free. I know, you want to know more about the band. My Craig’s List ad for a bass player should cover it:

Do you play bass?
Can you sing?
Do you appreciate rock/R&B/blues/pop/country music?
Have you been around for a while? (i.e., do you remember Rick Danko?)
Do you love to play, but you’re too busy with job or family to devote full time to a heavy rehearsal and gigging schedule?
Are you NOT down with hip-hop, grunge, death metal, emo and the latest fad-rock?
Are you too old to play kid stuff, but too young to quit playing?
Do you have a sense of history AND a sense of humor?

If you see yourself in there even a little, give us a call. We’re putting together a working-class band of like-minded players to make some noise, work out a few sets, jam a bit, play some parties and do an occasional club gig. Right now we need a bass player. If you can sing, even backup, it’s a big plus. Male or female, we don’t care (but you’ll have to carry your own gear).

You’re busy — we’re busy too, so it won’t be too intense. We’re serious about the music, but we’re in it for the fun and the escape. We might make some money, but if you need a gig to pay the rent, this isn’t it.

Ready to rock? Leave a message at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

This yielded a couple of calls and the first guy we jammed with was the guy we went with, so now we are two guitars, bass and drums. I’m loving it, but I don’t have time to blog. I’m reading your blogs, though, and I expect you to keep up the high standards I’ve grown accustomed to.

So, you slackers with only one job: Get busy with the keyboard, OK?

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8 Replies to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Ah, I feel your pain. Feel the same about my job: that I do it (reasonably) well and, in my case anyway, it is a necessary evil for the time being. But it takes up so very much time and is so … nothing. I would much rather be pursuing creative and artistic pursuits, not to mention travel.

    We’ll keep up with our blogs (like how I speak for everyone?), although c’mon, I have a second “free” job too, which is writing all my soon-to-be-discovered Great Works. I was freelancing before I got sick, so perhaps soon I’ll be paid pathetically again for my efforts.

  2. If ever there was a great reason to put your blog on the backburner, practicing your art is it! Glad you’re having fun, and hope to hear the results of all your practicin’ in person, in 6 months or so.

  3. Who you talking to? Stop looking at me! I have only one job; just keeping track of Bloggers of old. I wish I could remove the fish hook from your back or butt, but that’s a trick I never learned.

    So write about the band!

  4. Sheesh! I wish I’d been bad about bloggin’ lately. Umm, well, badder, that is.


    Rock it Larry! I’m strugglin’ with Cakewalk software & my soundcard right now but Hope to have some wee bit o’ music to blog about in the next couple/few months. I figure with a troop o’ y’all practicing regularly, you should be posting an entire album in that time!

    But NO PRESSURE eh. After all, it is Only Rock-n-Roll . .


  5. Ain’t Never – I pursued those pursuits for a long time, but I got too hungry.

    kStyle – Thank you for the support. Hold down the back, too.

    Gnightgirl – Art? Ain’t no art goin’ on around here.

    Ron – As usual, I don’t know what you mean, but I’ll probably get around to writing about the band sooner or later.

    L – Badness is in the air. We’ll get over it.

    Michael – I love Cakewalk! Let me know how it’s going. jones at revision99 dot com.

    Laurie – I pulled that name out of the air for my ad, but really he was a great and gifted player, and if you remember him, you can be in the band too.

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