Stalker Warning

Stalkers: This is not me.

The guy in the second paragraph. Leave him alone. He’s not guilty. I’ve never even been to Pittsburgh. Also, my oath to the Vikings would preclude me operating on this particular patient. Nothing personal, you understand. Just benign neglect.

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12 Replies to “Stalker Warning”

  1. Not only your loyalty to the Vikings, but also your loyalty to cats. I think this guy has a cat, which he doesn’t deserve to have, considering his careless behavior. It would be better for the cat to be placed in a home with more-sensible humans.

  2. How do we really know? I think you should prove it.

    I mean, look at your tag line up there….”The Pretender.”

    Didn’t think I’d catch that, huh?

    Well, you were sadly mistaken.

  3. Blue Girl – Well, of course you don’t really know. That’s because I am a man of mystery. But I warn you now, my tag line is ever-changing, and I feel a change coming on soon, so future generations reading this blog (after we are all gone and buried) will be perplexed as to what you meant in this comment. Perhaps a cult will grow up around the various theories and legends. Or, maybe not.

    On the other hand, if you want to get together and play doctor, then I am indeed Dr. Larry Jones.

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